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Desert Denim Wash

$ 35.00

Free Ground Shipping on Domestic Orders Over $150

A wildharvested medley of desert cedar, pine pitch, sunwashed granite, Mojave sunflower, yucca bloom, greasewood, sawdust.

Wildharvested in the Mojave Desert and distilled around the campfire, a few pumps from this stout metal bottle will leave you smelling like you’ve spent all day among the wildflowers in California’s high-desert country.

Crafted in small, seasonal batches, the clear distillate that we formulate in the backcountry is good for all your rugged apparel, a clean hit from the wilderness where it was born.

Desert Denim Wash comes in a 3 ounce spray bottle.

Ingredients: Organic sugar cane alcohol; 100% natural fragrance: tree pitch, plant sap/juice, steam-distilled essential oils.

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