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Weird Guy Kapok Selvedge Denim Indigo

$ 138.00

Free Ground Shipping on Domestic Orders Over $150

This unique denim is a blend of Kapok and Cotton fibers. Kapok is a natural fiber extracted from the seed pods of the Kapok tree, which is found most often in Mexico, Central America and South America. Inside these large seed pods, this fluffy matter is a cellulosic fiber just like cotton, yet its hollow and shorter than cotton. These characteristics create a fluffy and lightweight fiber that has been used for hundreds of years to create pillows, life jackets and even insulation. Kapok fibers are notoriously difficult to spin into yarn. However, recently, N&F’s favorite Japanese mill has found an ingenious way to spin and blend this fiber with cotton to create a yarn that is tough, yet fluffy and soft.

N&F uses this special custom yarn to create a denim that is soft and fluffy on the inside but strong and great fading on the outside. The surface texture and color are so unique that N&F founder Brandon Svarc reveals, “We have been making blended fabrics like silk/cotton, cashmere/cotton, pineapple/cotton, and so many more over the past 18 seasons, but this Kapok/Cotton blended denim is so rare and unique that it’s probably my favorite one.”

Kapok is also known as “Cloud Cotton”.

The "Weird Guy" is a slim fit that tapers from the knee down. Medium rise.

  • Weight: 12.5 oz
  • 80% Cotton 20% Kapok
  • Japanese fabric
  • Made in Canada

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