Weird Guy Left Hand Twill Selvedge Indigo

$ 158.00

100% 13.75oz Japanese cotton.

It is said that Left Hand Twill (LHT) denim is softer than RHT denim. This is due to both the YARN TWIST and FABRIC TWILL DIRECTION. Most denim uses yarn that is twisted in the Z-twist method. This is a counterclockwise twist, which loosens in the clockwise (right) direction. RHT denim pulls the fabric to the left, and so the warp lines up in order, which creates a softer hand feel and cleaner appearance.

The Weird Guy fit is a slim fit that tapers from the knee down. Medium rise.

Made in Canada.

- Do NOT wash for at least the first 6 months
- Size down (they will stretch at least 1 size)
- Try not to machine wash (wash by hand in a shower or tub), but if you must - do it on the lowest setting, inside out. With mild soap.
- Do NOT machine dry. Hang dry.

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