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Juniper Ridge Mount Hood

Juniper Ridge is an Oakland, California based fragrance company started by Hall Newbegin. Juniper Ridge is his solution to the perfume world becoming, in his words, "weird and disconnected from nature." A self-proclaimed "nature freak," Newbegin strives to create aromatic snapshots of his favorite places, whether that's California's Big Sur or the lakes and peaks of Oregon's Mount Hood.

Born in Oregon, Newbegin spent the summers of his childhood and early adult life on the trails of different national parks learning the names of flowers, harvesting wild mushrooms, and making fermented-honey wine. Newbegin's wildcrafting experience starts in '92, when he took an herbal medicine class in Oakland. These few days spent in Sierra Nevada gave life to what he calls the "primitive parts of [his] brain," or his "animal senses." From then on, Newbegin has been unable to stay away from the wild.

Juniper Ridge - Bag of Wildcrafted Flowers

After years of harvesting medicinal plants for his own collection and sometimes for tincture makers or commercial mushroom gatherers, Newbegin started Juniper Ridge. All Juniper Ridge products are made from 100% wildcrafted ingredients gathered by a small team of people that go into the wild for up to weeks at a time. The ingredients are then distilled, tinctured, infused or any of several other old world perfuming techniques in the Field Lab (pictured below) to create a scent unique to that harvest.

Juniper Ridge Field Lab Van

Each batch is hand numbered and produced in limited quantities, not by choice but by necessity. “We couldn't make any more if we wanted to—the plants and flowers are done for the year,” Newbegin says. 10% of all Juniper Ridge profits are donated to a portfolio of Western Wilderness Defense organizations. The company tirelessly works to promote education as to how best to protect the intact forest habitats of the West. 

Our Juniper Ridge selection includes backpacker colognes, cabin sprays, incense, trail soaps and denim spray.

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Next up in our Father's Day gift idea line up are Phantasmagoria Belts: We think these belts in particular would make a really special gift for dad because they are entirely handmade in a small studio in Denver, Colorado.  Phantasmagoria belts are made from European cowhides using the shoulder of the cow. Most of the hides arrive in Denver with a natural leather color and are then hand stained. The leather is then hand cut, and the edges are beveled by hand. Next, they are inked with an acrylic edge sealer to give a pop of contrast. The buckles are sewn on with a rainbow colored nylon thread. The majority of the hardware comes from several small factories in Tuscany, outside of Florence. They are finished to the specifications of the maker and owner of Phantasmagoria belts; Lawry Covell.


He says of his work, "My goal is to make great casual belts that are minimalistic in design, and uncompromised in quality. These belts will last a long time and conform to your waist, making them very comfortable to wear. Many of my customers tell me they are the most comfortable belt they own."


Four beautiful styles now available at Service. 

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