Norden Goods is run by husband and wife Erika and Pete Panciera in California. The stoneware containers are hand thrown in Encinitas, CA, and the candles are poured in their studio using U.S.A. produced soy wax, a blend of essential oils, and fragrance oils.
Not only do the candles have an impressive 80hr burn time but you'll also want to keep the ceramic containers after you are done burning the candle and repurpose them. 
In a world filled with disposable goods, Norden strives to provide products that can be passed down for generations and Service seconds this sentiment. 
Big Sur - 12oz - 80 hr burn time
Fragrance: Oakmoss, Pine, Citrus, Wood Smoke
Smells Like: Being in a mossy cedar and pine forest with a slight hint of campfire. 
Monhegan  - 12oz - 80 hr burn time
Fragrance: Sandalwood, Tobacco, Leather
Smells Like: Caramel sweet pipe tobacco mixed with saddle leather and sandalwood, slight hint of spicy cinnamon.
Ojai  - 12oz - 80 hr burn time
Fragrance: Frankincense, Cypress, Patchouli, Palo Santo
Smells Like: Dry wood paneling, earthy grass, resinous citrus, woody incense
Øresund  - 12oz - 80 hr burn time
Fragrance: Balsam Fir, Grapefruit, Ambrette Seed
Smells Like: Pine needles, bright citrus, earthy finish
Gift Set with  Ojai, Big Sur,  Øresund - 5oz each - 20hr burn time a piece
Idyllwild incense - 20 sticks - 45 min burn time
Fragrance: Cedarwood, Sage, Vetiver, Citrus
Smells Like: Dry, earthy, herbal desert sagebrush and cedar forest. 
Ojai incense -  20 sticks - 45 min burn time
Fragrance: Frankincense, Cypress, Patchouli, Palo Santo
Smells Like: Dry wood paneling, earthy grass, resinous citrus
Øresund incense -  20 sticks - 45 min burn time
Fragrance: Balsam Fir, Grapefruit, Musk
Smells Like: Crackling wood, pine needles, bright piney citrus
Buy Norden Goods in store or online

HOLIDAY GIFT IDEA No. 1: BasShu December 06 2016

Now in store: handsome aprons and coasters from the Japanese company, BasShu. 

In Japan, there is a focus on tradition and there are many manufacturing locations known for not sparing time or expense in the production of goods. One of these areas is in the Western area of Japan, a place known for “Banshu Weave,” where the brand BasShu was born.

The soft, natural, Banshu weave has a unique texture and comes from 200 years of technological tradition which has been continuously perfected to this day. BasShu proudly boasts that the pride of the local artisans is interwoven into the fabric. For that reason, they referenced the weave in their brand name.


Chambray Navy Bib Apron

All the aprons are suited for multi-use and feature two unique pocket designs in the front. BasShu's iconic red stitch button hole is on the left pocket and a cat eye button is used.


Chambray Khaki Bib Apron


 Tri Color Stripe Bib Apron


Chambray Navy Coasters

The coasters are 100% cotton chambray and are woven gently giving them a natural soft hand. They are double stitched for longevity. 


Khaki Chambray Coasters


TriColor Stripe Coasters - Navy 



Pinstripe Blue Coasters


Shop for above BasShu items online or in store. 







This Father's Day, give dad a hand with his Summer wardrobe. Vans sneakers, Levi's, cotton shorts, a plaid button down shirt, and vintage inspired graphic t-shirts make perfect dad day gifts. We also have a nice selection of classic swim trunks, which you can check out in our Swim Shop online. Everything shown here is available in-store & online, excluding Levi's, which are currently only available in-store. If you see a pair of Levi's you like, give us a call in the shop.

Clockwise from top left:

1. Hartford Striped Pocket Tee in Navy, 2. Vans Era Gumsole in Blue Nights, 3. Barbour John Plaid Volley Swim Trunks in Blue, 4. Levi's 513 in True Chino, 5. RVCA Short Sleeve Pox Shirt in Black, 6. Levi's Standard Western in White, 7. RVCA Recession Collection Dayshift Shorts in Red Earth, 8. Atru Apparel New York Times Stack Tee in Navy, 9. Kato French Seam Japanese Plaid Shirt in Moss Green, 10. Vans Aldrich C&L in Khaki Native.


For this Father's Day, we've rounded up some of our favorite grooming products and accessories which are sure to please dad. All available in-store and online. Don't forget dad, June 21st.

Clockwise from top left:

1. Cella Italian Shave Soap Creme, 2. Field Notes Original 3-Pack Cherry Graph, 3. Swedish Dream Sea Salt Candle, 4. Billykirk No. 257 Collar Button Dopp Kit Navy, 5. Proraso Sapone Shaving Cream Tub, 6. Pocket Fork & Knife Combo, 7. Peruvian Palo Santo Incense Extra Large, 8. Have-A-Hank Classic Bandana Red, 9. Have-A-Hank Classic Bandana Brown, 10. Owen & Fred Calm. Cool. Collected. Comb, 11. Owen & Fred The Franklin Wallet Brown Navy, 12. Field Notes Original 3-Pack Ambition, 13. Marvis Whitening Mint Toothpaste, 14. Marvis Classic Strong Mint Toothpaste, 15. Have-A-Hank Classic Bandana Green, 16. Have-A-Hank Classic Bandana Silver, 17. Have-A-Hank Classic Bandana Navy, 18. Brass Swordfish Letter Opener, 19. Field Notes A Drive Into the Gap by Kevin Guilfoile, 20. Vie-Long Cachurro Horse Hair Shave Brush, 21. Moscot Lemtosh Sunglasses Wood, 22. Field Notes Original 3-Pack Ruled Paper, 23. Gentleman's 3-Blade Pocket Knife, 24. Merker Double Edge Safety Razor Chrome, 25. Proraso Eucalyptus & Menthol After Shave Lotion, 26. Tsovet SVT-CV43 Chrome Tan Watch, 27. Tsovet SVT-CV43 Chrome Dark Brown, 28. Hugh Parsons King's Road Fragrance.


Clockwise from top left:
1. Balsam Fir Filled Embroidered Dresser Drawer Pillow ($20).
2. Classic Chrome Zippo Lighter ($20).
3. Reindeer Hump Beanie ($24).
4. Jumbo Stainless Steel Flask Decanter 64oz. ($32).
5. Askinosie Small Batch Peppermint Bark ($34).
6. Rubber Dipped Stainless Steel Flask With Funnel ($24).
7. Paine’s Piñon Pine Incense ($10).

1. Faribault Buffalo Check Throw Black White ($115).
2. Etat Libre D’Orange Eau D’Parfum Fat Electrician ($85).
3. Marvis Travel Toothpaste Licorice ($6).
4. Ebony Handle Corkscrew Bar Tool ($20).
5. Balsam Fir Filled Small Dresser Drawer Pillow ($12).

1. Barbour Washed Ashby Jacket Bark ($448).
2. Gitman Vintage Autumn Neat Print Shirt ($180).

All of these items are available in-store & online at


Started in 1926 by Mr. Paul K. Guillow, a WWI US Navy aviator vet, Guillow's planes was born from a true appreciation of all things aviation. The first balsa wood model kits were fashioned after famous WWI combat air crafts. They gained popularity in 1927 after Charles A. Lindbergh’s infamous first non-stop flight from New York to Paris on the Spirit of St. Louis.

During WWII, balsa wood became increasingly scarce as the US military required the material for use in rafts and life jackets. Plastic became the standard material for model airplanes, which saw a decline in kits using cardboard or pine in place of the lighter balsa wood.

After the war, Guillow changed the focus of his company to produce inexpensive, hand launched rubber powered gliders. We have stocked these same balsa wood gliders which are still produced in the old Guillow’s factory in Wakefield, MA open since 1933. Their vintage appeal and simplicity make the planes enjoyable, easy & fun. Each plane is a great, affordable gift made here in the USA that reminds us of the simple and uncomplicated pleasures in life.

Available in-store & online at


Some of the most commonly asked questions that we get from our customers regarding the shaving ritual using a traditional safety razor. The question we most often hear is, why use a safety razor? The answers are cost and healthier skin. A 10 pack of safety blades costs about $1.00 per blade (compared to $2.50 to $3.00 per cartridge for disposable razor blades.) When compared to an electric razor, a safety razor gives a much closer shave and leaves skin in better condition, due to only one blade crossing the skin. Although it makes for a quick shave, it isn't necessary to use a razor that uses three or more blades.  Multi-blade razors can greatly irritate the skin and electric razors are akin to a lawnmower for your face.

What should your shaving kit contain? There are two ways to go about it, the difference being that one makes use of a brush, while the other uses shaving cream from a tube:

  • safety razor
  • pack of razor blades
  • shave cream from a tube or a traditional shave soap in a bowl
  • shaving brush if using a traditional shave soap
  • brush stand so that the brush lasts and dries properly
  • alum block, with antiseptic properties, help seal and heal wounds (for the ladies reading this post, the alum block is an amazing product to use on your legs)
  • moisturizer for those with dry or sensitive skin
  • razor bank for safe storage of discarded blades

Merkur Long Handle Double Safety Razor ($75) & Merkur 10 Pack Razor Blades ($12)

Service Menswear has been stocking a Merkur brand long handle, double safety razor. Merkur is a highly regarded razor manufacturer from an area in Germany where some of the best steel manufacturing in the world takes place. Our Merkur razor is chrome plated with a handsome dotted pattern on the handle. In addition, Service stocks a 10 pack of Merkur blades. If you shave every single day, and depending on the coarseness of your beard, a 10 pack of double sided blades should last at least 4 months.

How many passes should it take to shave with a safety razor? The blade should cut the hair close to the skin after a couple of passes using gentle pressure. If it feels like you have to go over the same area many times to reduce the hair, the blade may need to be replaced. With that said, it is normal to go over the same area more than 1 time, as the risk of nicks is high if the blade gives a very close shave in just one pass.

We are also often asked, "how to choose the proper blade?" For new shavers, it may seem like the sharper the blade the better, but keep in mind the sensitivity of your skin and the coarseness of your beard. We stock and recommend Merkur blades as a good starter blade, and the blade of choice for many. There are sharper blades on the market, such as Feather brand, but newbies beware, these blades are extra sharp and recommended for more experienced shavers. Lastly, there should be no irritation with the use of aftershave, and if there is, this is an indication your blade is too sharp. The Home Alone experience should not be the norm!

What is the difference between badger, horse, and boar bristle brushes? Badger holds water best and creates the richest lather, but horse hair is a great alternative at a good value. Boar bristles, sometimes labeled natural bristles, are effective at creating a good lather and are inexpensively priced.  Service offers selections in each category. 

From left to right:

If you are thinking about trying wet shaving for the first time, come take a look at our selections and let us know if you have any questions.


Back in stock just in time for the Holidays, Lucky Tiger Premium grooming products are currently available at Service. Made in the USA since 1935, Lucky Tiger uses 100% natural ingredients. Not to mention, the packaging is great looking, something pleasing to see sitting on the bathroom shelf. 3.4 oz. face moisturizer ($28), 5 oz. face scrub ($20), 8 oz. face wash ($20), and liquid cream shave ($19) in stock now.

In addition, Lucky Tiger is offering a gift set with in a keepsake tin box for $75. Included in the set are the basic essentials: 8 oz. face wash, 8 oz. after shave tonic, 5 oz. liquid cream shave, and 3.5 oz. face moisturizer.

Also in stock are the outstanding products from Dr. Hunter's grooming, original remedies since 1752 (!). The Original Body Cleanser boasts a "natural unfragranced formula with rich lather and exceptional cleaning properties." Can't go wrong there. Our very own Christian swears by the hair wash, made from glycerine and rosemary extract for a natural, light scent and good lather. 8 oz. body cleanser ($18) and 8 oz. hair wash ($16) come with original label artwork from the Dr. Hunter's archives.

Stop by and see us if you're still hunting for the perfect gift for that special someone. We're open late most nights this week.


Paine's Balsam Fir Insense is currently available at Service for the Holiday's. This family owned company has been making their woodsy smelling products since the early 1930's. All products are 100% US made in Aubern, Maine.

"Fir branches are brought to us by local woodsmen. The boughs are ground and dried. Then it is pressed into incense molds. No chemicals are added to our incense. It is 100 percent natural, and sustainable!"

The small green package shown comes with 24 incense sticks for $7.

Paine's most iconic product is its log cabin incense burner. Yes, you guessed it: the incense smoke wafts right up through the cabin's little chimney. Service is selling this item along with a package of 82 balsam fir incense sticks pre-gift wrapped for $24. Come get 'em before they're gone.

We also have stocked additional incense holders. Wrought iron owls, bears, and pine cones ranging from $12-$18. Paine's Balsam Fir Incense sticks fit with these holders as well.

We think these items make great inexpensive and nostalgic gifts anyone would be pleased to receive. And great for all year round too.

Available at Service Menswear.


1. Threads for Thought Navy Triblend Hoodie ($55)

2. Threads for Thought Green Triblend Hoodie ($55)

3. Benson Navy Hoodie ($115)

4. Gant Rugger Navy Lined Hoodie ($168)

5. Shades of Grey Grey Heather French Terry Hoodie ($135)

6. Naked & Famous Slim Fit Grey Heather French Terry Hoodie ($140)

HOLIDAY ROUNDUP II December 10 2013

We had a little photo fun this morning and came up with some more great Holiday gifts from the Service stocklist. Hope you enjoy. 

Above, Barbour wool messenger bag ($270) & Barbour waxed canvas backpack ($215).

Good looking Nixon watches in multiple styles ($175-$200).

Barbour striped wool travel bag ($400) might have to fight the Service crew for this one, we've all got our eyes on it.

And the outtakes...what a weirdo.



Every Holiday season at Service, we offer many of our items pre gift wrapped. Kirk & his team of worker elves are busy starting in October, preparing all the boxes and twine you currently see in the shop. Small items such as soaps and ornaments, as well as grooming supplies and bottle openers can be found nicely wrapped in a box around the store ready to put under the menorah, the tree, or inside a stocking. We always offer complimentary gift wrapping for any and all of our customer's purchases, and we will gladly wrap while you wait or have everything finished by the time you've had your first cocktail at Perla's. Here are some gifts we have ready for y'all, our first Holiday roundup of the season.

Red gauze scarf ($28) & Proraso shave set ($25)

Sea salt, cedarwood, and pine soaps ($6-$10)

We have more than just these items boxed up and we'll have even more next week, so come by and do some Holiday shopping with the Service crew...we'd love to have you in.


Father’s Day is right around the corner. Over the next week, we'll show you some great items here at Service that your Pops will love.

Let's start with the basics: Dads always seem to need more socks and underwear. With Etiquette Clothiers, the decision to get your dad the basics doesn't have to be boring.

Assorted socks and boxer briefs now available at Service Menswear.


We've been posting gift ideas to Instagram (@servicemenswear) all week and wanted to share our finds.

All available at Service.

Ray Ban- Clubmaster, AO Eyewear- Original Pilot, Super- Thick Frame Havana, Specs- Key Hole Way.

All soaps, shave brushes, shave mugs and shave creams available at Service.

Jack Spade- Computer Field Bag, Jack Spade- Leather Dopp Kit, Porter- Duffle, Benson-Gym Bag.

Alexander Olch Ties, Etiquette Socks, Nixon-Sentry & Sentry Leather, Bone Handle Knife & Wood Handle Corkscrew.


1. Eastland boots $325 - made in the USA

2. Etiquette socks $18

3. RVCA long sleeve green oxford $58

4. Hartford camel hair v- neck sweater $275

5. Ray Ban polarized aviators $188

6. American Apparel White Crews $16 - made in the USA

7. Levis 511 rust cords $58

8. Nixon watch $62

9. Hartford scarf $95

10. Wigens Harris Tweed driver cap in  $115

11. Fullum & Holt Belt $85

12. Levis 514 raw headbanger (our newest wash at a great price) $65


Hanukkah + Santa briefs by Toddland Wrapped and ready to go - a steal for $18!

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