Norden Goods is run by husband and wife Erika and Pete Panciera in California. The stoneware containers are hand thrown in Encinitas, CA, and the candles are poured in their studio using U.S.A. produced soy wax, a blend of essential oils, and fragrance oils.
Not only do the candles have an impressive 80hr burn time but you'll also want to keep the ceramic containers after you are done burning the candle and repurpose them. 
In a world filled with disposable goods, Norden strives to provide products that can be passed down for generations and Service seconds this sentiment. 
Big Sur - 12oz - 80 hr burn time
Fragrance: Oakmoss, Pine, Citrus, Wood Smoke
Smells Like: Being in a mossy cedar and pine forest with a slight hint of campfire. 
Monhegan  - 12oz - 80 hr burn time
Fragrance: Sandalwood, Tobacco, Leather
Smells Like: Caramel sweet pipe tobacco mixed with saddle leather and sandalwood, slight hint of spicy cinnamon.
Ojai  - 12oz - 80 hr burn time
Fragrance: Frankincense, Cypress, Patchouli, Palo Santo
Smells Like: Dry wood paneling, earthy grass, resinous citrus, woody incense
Øresund  - 12oz - 80 hr burn time
Fragrance: Balsam Fir, Grapefruit, Ambrette Seed
Smells Like: Pine needles, bright citrus, earthy finish
Gift Set with  Ojai, Big Sur,  Øresund - 5oz each - 20hr burn time a piece
Idyllwild incense - 20 sticks - 45 min burn time
Fragrance: Cedarwood, Sage, Vetiver, Citrus
Smells Like: Dry, earthy, herbal desert sagebrush and cedar forest. 
Ojai incense -  20 sticks - 45 min burn time
Fragrance: Frankincense, Cypress, Patchouli, Palo Santo
Smells Like: Dry wood paneling, earthy grass, resinous citrus
Øresund incense -  20 sticks - 45 min burn time
Fragrance: Balsam Fir, Grapefruit, Musk
Smells Like: Crackling wood, pine needles, bright piney citrus
Buy Norden Goods in store or online


New clever graphic tees from Made in USA brand, ALTRU, have arrived!

Since 2002, founder Jonny Hughes and his design team at ALTRU, have been striving to create instant classics in their product, gathering inspiration from vintage designs, their frequent travels, and in collaboration with other artists and cultural institutions like LIFE Magazine and Polaroid, to name a few.

The result is a laid-back men's style that is unmistakably Californian; the home base of the brand.

All the tees are enzyme prewashed for super soft hand feel and reduced shrinkage. 

"Water You" Tee, marina blue, 100% cotton


Solvem Probler Tee, heather grey, tri-blend jersey


Shadenfreude Tee, sand, 100% cotton


Shop ALTRU tees in store now!


John McCambridge at the shop

Artist and surfer John McCambridge and artist Johanna St. Clair opened Mollusk in 2005, with some help from their artist and surfer friends, in the then sleepy area of Ocean Beach in San Francisco. They started by selling t-shirts and hand shaped surfboards and eventually grew into a full apparel and surfboard operation. They eventually opened retail spaces in Venice and Silver Lake and continue to make it a priority to produce their goods in the USA, which we love.

Johanna St. Clair and Nina

On any given day they have events at their shop from art installations/openings to slide shows to music performances because John believes that it's important to have a communal environment, much like the surf shops that he grew up going to. Joanna creates a lot of the graphics that you find on their tees and Nina, their 9 year old daughter, can sometimes be found folding shirts at their Ocean location for $10 an hr. It's a family affair and a community space as much as it is a retail space, and keeping things fun is a big part of Mollusk's success as a brand. 

Check out the new arrivals that we have in store now including the tees and chinos pictured below.


Flying Fish tee


Oaxaca tee


 Olde Whale tee


Olde Whale tee - detail


 Hemp Pocket tee - light indigo


Hemp Pocket tee - light indigo detail


Hemp Pocket tee - trinity green


Striped Pocket tee - forest green


Chinos - dull khaki / graphite 


Check out some more of Johanna St. Clair's art here.

Shop above Mollusk items in our store now!


"Inspired by and designed for individuals who want to be connected to the process, ingredients, and people behind the goods they purchase, Square Trade Goods was founded on the ideals of authenticity and craftsmanship."

We are pleased to introduce Made in USA brand, Square Trade Goods, into the Service Menswear family. The three candles in stock are hand poured in Richmond, Virginia, using all natural ingredients made in the USA, including USA grown soy wax. They boast an impressive 55hr burn time.



Warm, smokey and sweet. Woodsmoke mixed with pine and cedar woods topped off by the subtle sweetness of amber.


"Big Sur"

With a mixture of Cedar, Sandalwood, Musk, Smoke and Sea Salt Air this candle evokes memories of driving down Highway 1 with the windows down. Breathing in the fresh ocean air mixed with the giant redwoods and fires from the Big Sur Cabins. 


"Roaring Pines"

Inspired by their good friends Roaring Pines and their shared love for American manufacturing. Heavy notes of fresh balsam and spruce, both sharp and invigorating.


Detail: back of candle


Shop Square Trade Goods candles at our brick and mortar now!


Happy Summer, ya'll! Service Menswear is fully stocked with Jungmaven striped tanks and tees to usher in the heat.
Jungmaven founder Robert Jungmann has been working with hemp textiles and natural dyes since 1993. All the knits are dyed with indigo, black tea, coffee, and turmeric.
Jungmaven's vision is to get everyone in a Hemp T-Shirt by 2020. Why? The more farming of industrial hemp the better for the environment. Hemp cleans oxygen, water and nourishes the land. Hemp uses very little to no pesticides or insecticides and needs a fraction of the water that cotton takes to grow. 
The knits are a hemp/organic cotton blend, giving them a soft hand feel and good structure. They are also Made in the USA, which we love.
Yarn Dyed Stripe Tank, new blue 
Yarn Dyed Stripe Tank, red/blue
Yarn Dyed Double Stripe Pocket Tee, new blue
Yarn Dyed Double Stripe Pocket Tee, new blue - tag detail
Yarn Dyed Stripe Pocket Tee, red/blue
Yarn Dyed Stripe Pocket Tee, new blue
Shop all Jungmaven in store now. 


"Stay Sharp" Pencil Set

We have amazing gift options for Father's Day, big and small, from Owen & Fred, a brand based in Brooklyn, NY. They transform the every day into extraordinary objects and their products are proudly designed and made in the USA. Everything from pens for his desk to leather coasters for his home to shaving kit bags for the bathroom and everything in between. We've got dad covered.

"Another Great Idea" Pen - black

"Another Great Idea" Pen - maroon

Lego Cufflinks - black

"Little Lady" Tie Bar - pure sterling silver 

Tie Bar - pure sterling silver

"Cool. Calm. Collected." Comb - black


"You Earned It" Bottle Opener

"It's Only Money" Money Clip - sterling silver plated


NFL Football Coaster Set - leather 

"Whiskey and How to Enjoy It" Gift Set

"Work Hard Play Hard" Duffel - army green

"Work Hard Play Hard" Duffel - brown


"This Bag is Not Yours" - leather tag comes included with the "Work Hard Play Hard" Duffel bags



"Hey Handsome" Shaving Kit Bag - navy

"Hey Handsome" Shaving Kit Bag - grey


"Hey Handsome" Shaving Kit Bag - green

"Hey Handsome" Shaving Kit Bag - brown


Shop all Owen & Fred items in store now!



Juniper Ridge In Store And Online November 24 2015

Juniper Ridge Mount Hood

Juniper Ridge is an Oakland, California based fragrance company started by Hall Newbegin. Juniper Ridge is his solution to the perfume world becoming, in his words, "weird and disconnected from nature." A self-proclaimed "nature freak," Newbegin strives to create aromatic snapshots of his favorite places, whether that's California's Big Sur or the lakes and peaks of Oregon's Mount Hood.

Born in Oregon, Newbegin spent the summers of his childhood and early adult life on the trails of different national parks learning the names of flowers, harvesting wild mushrooms, and making fermented-honey wine. Newbegin's wildcrafting experience starts in '92, when he took an herbal medicine class in Oakland. These few days spent in Sierra Nevada gave life to what he calls the "primitive parts of [his] brain," or his "animal senses." From then on, Newbegin has been unable to stay away from the wild.

Juniper Ridge - Bag of Wildcrafted Flowers

After years of harvesting medicinal plants for his own collection and sometimes for tincture makers or commercial mushroom gatherers, Newbegin started Juniper Ridge. All Juniper Ridge products are made from 100% wildcrafted ingredients gathered by a small team of people that go into the wild for up to weeks at a time. The ingredients are then distilled, tinctured, infused or any of several other old world perfuming techniques in the Field Lab (pictured below) to create a scent unique to that harvest.

Juniper Ridge Field Lab Van

Each batch is hand numbered and produced in limited quantities, not by choice but by necessity. “We couldn't make any more if we wanted to—the plants and flowers are done for the year,” Newbegin says. 10% of all Juniper Ridge profits are donated to a portfolio of Western Wilderness Defense organizations. The company tirelessly works to promote education as to how best to protect the intact forest habitats of the West. 

Our Juniper Ridge selection includes backpacker colognes, cabin sprays, incense, trail soaps and denim spray.

All pictures taken from


Max Gitman opened the Ashland Shirt & Pajama Company in Ashland, Pennsylvania in 1932. His two sons, in 1978, turned that into the brand we know today as the Gitman Brothers. The brand has long been a mainstay here at Service. Season after season, the brothers have consistently made beautiful, vintage inspired shirts that we’re proud to carry. Their many years of experience making well-constructed, comfortable shirts show in the Gitman Vintage Fall/Winter 2015 collection.

New arrivals include a beautiful wool overshirt with a hidden button down collar, in addition to several plaids and ginghams with rich colors perfect for the upcoming cool weather. We’ve also introduced a light-weight, grey flannel, and a selection from Gitman Vintage’s ‘Seed To Sew’ collection.

With the ‘Seed To Sew’ collection, Gitman embraces their roots by making shirts with 100% American made materials. Everything about these shirts, from the cotton grown in American soil to the shirt factories in Pennsylvania, is made in the USA. 

These new arrivals have us excited about cooler weather and American craftsmanship. Come on in to the shop and check out these new styles.


Welcome Stranger has been designing everyday staples for their men's stores since 2010. This Fall, the San Francisco based brand launches their collection at specialty stores around the country. We are proud to offer Welcome Stranger's made in the USA shirting and accessories, now at Service.

Join us on Thursday, October 8th for an event featuring Welcome Stranger and GQ Magazine. We will have a tent with the entirety of the Fall line, brews from South Austin Brewery, and tunes from our friend DJ Starsign. We'll be hanging out from 5pm - 8pm. Look forward to having you.


Introducing Velva Sheen, a vintage inspired sportswear company focused on recreating classic basics that are perfect for layering or on their own in the late Texas summer. 

Originally founded in 1936 and located in Cincinnati Ohio, Velva Sheen produced custom printed shirts which separated them from many knitwear competitors at the time. More recently Velva Sheen has shifted production to California while retaining their original vintage logo and design. A great aspect of these shirts is that they are circular knit, meaning they do not have any side seams for extra comfort. Once you go seamless there’s no looking back.

Velva Sheen creates all their garments with the utmost attention to detail while incorporating a variety of different fabrics and dying processes to keep things interesting. Ranging from indigo garment dye to slubby irregular knits, each piece is unique. And staying true to their roots, all of their pieces are made in the USA.



Service is now stocking three fragrances from FIELE. All scents are blended by hand with natural grain alcohol and compounded in small, fresh batches in Santa Monica, CA. The fragrances are luxe, clean and a little earthy, with an emphasis on superior quality natural ingredients. Every composition is made with globally sourced wildcrafted and organic essential oils, CO2 extracts and absolutes.

Absolutes are similar to essential oils. They are concentrated, highly aromatic, oily mixtures extracted from plants. All batches are chilled and triple filtered prior to filling. 100% Cruelty-Free, not tested on animals.

Each fragrance comes in a 1.7 fl oz / 50 ml bottle and is an EDP (Eau de Parfum).


The name "FIELE", pronounced fil, is borrowed from an old West Frisian word meaning "to feel”. Frisia is a coastal region along the southeastern corner of the North Sea.


HEY HEY USA! July 01 2015

Happy Independence Day. Here is our annual Made in the USA roundup to commemorate the 4th of July. Some classic favorites and new products alike from the following brands, all carried at Service. Shop Made in the USA in the store and online from:

Pictured above from R to L: 1. Owen & Fred Hey Handsome Shave Kit Navy 2. Norden Idyllwild 12 oz. Candle 3. Patch NYC Skull Candle 4. Have-A-Hank Bandanas 5. Big Mountain Brand Spruce Soap 6. Maritime Oatmeal & Shea Butter Soap 7. The Local Branch Medicine Pouch 8. American Optics Spatula Temple Sunglasses Gold/Grey Polarized 9. Owen & Fred You Earned It Bottle Opener 10. Field Notes Desk Calendar 11. Billykirk No. 288 Center Bar Belt in Black, Brown, & Natural.

1. Ambsn Baldy Image Tee White 2. Altru Popeye Punch Tee White Sand 3. The Poster List taco Tuesday Tee Heather Grey 4. Mollusk Palm Pocket Tee Light Indigo 5. Jungmaven Baja Pocket Tee Denim Blue 6. The Poster List Surf Ride Tee Heather Green 7. The Poster List Surf N' Turf Tee Heather Brown 8. Mollusk Marblehead Pocket Tee Grass Green.


1. Gitman Vintage Japanese Gauze Stripe Shirt 2. Steven Alan Classic Collegiate Stripe Shirt Green 3. Gitman Vintage Short Sleeve Polka Dot Oxford Aqua Dot 4. Mollusk Tapestry Swim Trunks Blue Green 5. Almond Surf & Craft Shorts Army 6. Mollusk Farmer Dave Drawstring Pants Indigo 7. Mollusk Kelp Swim Trunks Blue Green.


Introducing the Local Branch, made in the USA t-shirts inspired by the travel adventures of creators Mackenzie Edgerton & Blaine Vossler. This husband and wife team travel the country in their refurbished Airstream trailer and hand make each piece of the clothing and accessories collection inside their mobile home. The designs are inspired by the places they see throughout the year, from Taos, New Mexico to Upstate New York, Las Vegas, Austin and more.

Now available in-store and online.




We are pleased to introduce Almond Apparel to the Service brand family. Almond's roots are in surf board design and production with the brand ethos of creating timeless, quality essentials for surfers. The six and a half year old company recently branched out into apparel production. We have picked up a small selection of tees, shirts, and shorts.

We wanted to introduce Almond into our mix for the following reasons:

1) The product is all made in the USA.
2) The creators give attention to craftsmanship and to building relationships with the people who produce their products.
3) The collection has an appealing Southern California style and sensibility which is reflected in each product.

From Almond:

"The shops we are privileged to work with don't necessarily carry surfing as a common thread, but share a desire to make quality USA made goods, and educate the customer about the brands and makers behind them. Thankful for like-minded people and friends who make it all possible."

Almond offers high quality staples for the Summer, which we now offer in the shop and online.


Mollusk has arrived at Service for Spring and we have stocked extra soft t-shirts in cotton solids, stripes and graphics, shorts, swim trunks, and lounge pants. Every piece is made in the USA and comes in the California brand's signature washed down color palette, as if each item has already been faded by the sun. Each of the swim trunks have a button-thru back pocket for a wallet or other valuables. Just put on a t-shirt and wear the trunks as shorts when not by the water.

Come check out the new goods, now available in-store and online.Lurker Image Tee in White & Olde Whale Pocket Tee in Faded Black.

Palm Pocket Tee in Light Indigo & Stripe Pocket Tee in Vintage White and Blue.

Marblehead Pocket Tee in Sea Blue & Grass Green.

Tapestry Swim Trunks in Blue Green

60/40 Swim Trunks in Light Indigo & Kelp Swim Trunks in Blue Green.

Farmer Dave Drawstring Pants in Indigo.

Walk Shorts in Mash Green & Dull Indigo.



Introducing Jungmaven striped and solid hemp tees! Why do we love these t-shirts? They are a soft blend of hemp and cotton, 100% made in the USA, and come in unique colors and patterns. From the brand creators:

Jungmaven works with natural dyes (indigo, black tea, coffee) and uses tie dye techniques, hand painting shirts and a process called batiking which takes patience and time.

Our goal is to get everyone in a Hemp T-Shirt by 2020. The more farming of industrial hemp the better for the environment. Hemp cleans oxygen, water and nourishes the land. Hemp uses very little to no pesticides or insecticides and needs a fraction of the water that cotton takes to grow.

America was founded on hemp, both Presidents Washington and Jefferson grew hemp and the Declaration of Independence was written on hemp. Hemp is a natural resource that can be grown in every state. 


Now available in 3 solids and 3 striped styles, online and in-store. Get yours today, because they are going fast.

Banded Stripe Pocket Tee in Taos Red.

Banded Stripe Pocket Tee in Portland Grey.


Our full assortment of Jungmaven pocket tees.

NEW BRAND: OWEN & FRED March 27 2015

A new brand at Service is Brooklyn based Owen & Fred. They make useful accessories all produced in the USA. We have picked up their sturdy duffel bags, travel shave kits, Horween leather wallets and a few other items all with clever sayings incorporated into each product.

Work Hard Play Hard Duffel Bag in Brown Navy. Also comes in Green.

Hey Handsome Shave Kit in Green. Also comes in Navy and Brown.

Calm. Cool. Collected. Comb.

You Earned It Brass Bottle Opener.

Wake Me Up Soap in Eucalyptus.

Franklin Wallet in Brown. Also comes in Black.


Norden Goods have arrived at Service, and we are very happy to welcome these beautiful candles to the stock list. Norden is the creation of husband and wife team Erika and Pete Panciera and their products are all hand made in Encinitas, California - from the creation of the stoneware containers to the pour of the U.S.A sourced soy wax. The scent of each candle is inspired by the smells of Erika and Pete's favorite places, from Big Sur, California to a small town off the coast of Maine.

The best part of these products other than the great scents? The reusable container becomes a keepsake object after the wax has burned away. Just wash the container out with warm water and soap and use it as a coffee cup, succulent planter, pen canister or a shaving mug - the secondary use is up to you!

Available in three scents:

  • Big Sur - Oakmoss, Pine, Citrus, Wood Smoke
  • Monhegan - Sandalwood, Tobacco, Leather
  • Idyllwild - Cedarwood, Sage, Vetiver, Citrus

Take a look at Erika's artist website and Pete's artist website here and here. All photo credits


New American made, short sleeve shirts from Gitman Vintage have arrived for Spring. We have stocked bold prints as well as solids, all in a trim fit (not extra slim) that work tucked or un-tucked, casual or for work. Service also stocks long sleeve oxford shirts from Gitman Vintage year round which can be found on the brand page here.


Short Sleeve 3D Hawaiian Print Shirt in White.

Short Sleeve Polka Dot Shirt in Navy.

Short Sleeve Madras Plaid in Plum.

Short Sleeve Lightweight Chambray Shirt in Blue.

Short Sleeve Zephyr Oxford in Blue.


Altru Apparel Palm Skull Long Sleeve Tee Black.

Altru Apparel Aloha Beach Long Sleeve Tee White.

Altru Apparel Truisms Tee Black.

Altru Apparel Polar Bear Club Tee Off White.

RVCA Chief Block Tee Black.

RVCA Owl Tee By George Thompson White.

Vans Sixty Sixers Tee Oatmeal.


Buffalo Check Wool Throw Black White.

Service has received a new shipment of beautiful Faribault Woolen Mill Co. blankets & scarves just in time for the Holiday season and the colder months ahead. We are offering 2 sizes of these soft & durable US made wool blankets - as a throw or a queen sized bed spread. The scarves are made from 100% fluff loomed merino wool and are exceptionally lightweight and soft. All scarves are $60 while the blankets range from $145-$325 depending on size and design. All available in-store & online at

Cabin Wool Blanket Charcoal.

Soho Wool Throw Grey Blue Plaid.

Soho Wool Throw Grey Black Plaid.

Herringbone Wool Blanket Charcoal.

Nisswa Dobby Stripe Scarf Black Red Natural & Weekender Stripe Scarf Silver.

Trapper Wool Scarf Olive Cream & Dot Wool Scarf Charcoal.

Tri-Stripe Scarf Grass Brown Red & Tri-Stripe Scarf Grey Blue.

Trapper Scarf Grey Green.


Started in 1926 by Mr. Paul K. Guillow, a WWI US Navy aviator vet, Guillow's planes was born from a true appreciation of all things aviation. The first balsa wood model kits were fashioned after famous WWI combat air crafts. They gained popularity in 1927 after Charles A. Lindbergh’s infamous first non-stop flight from New York to Paris on the Spirit of St. Louis.

During WWII, balsa wood became increasingly scarce as the US military required the material for use in rafts and life jackets. Plastic became the standard material for model airplanes, which saw a decline in kits using cardboard or pine in place of the lighter balsa wood.

After the war, Guillow changed the focus of his company to produce inexpensive, hand launched rubber powered gliders. We have stocked these same balsa wood gliders which are still produced in the old Guillow’s factory in Wakefield, MA open since 1933. Their vintage appeal and simplicity make the planes enjoyable, easy & fun. Each plane is a great, affordable gift made here in the USA that reminds us of the simple and uncomplicated pleasures in life.

Available in-store & online at

THE POSTER LIST July 20 2014

Hailing from Long Beach, California, The Poster List is a beach inspired tee shirt brand with its roots in typography, photography & surf culture. Their t-shirts have a casual California vibe with original graphics & imagery and come in a broad range of sun bleached colors. The tees are 100% washed down cotton or ti-blend for an extra soft hand.

We have just restocked our favorite Poster List tees of the season, which are now available in-store and online at

MADE IN THE USA! July 03 2014

July 4th, 5th, and 6th, Service will offer 20% off all US made goods at our store! We stock many brands that manufacture some or all of their products in America. Below are some of our favorite Summer items that are made right here in the USA.

Here are all the brands we currently carry that make products in the US:

-Alexander Olch
-ALTRU tees
-AO Eyewear
-Billykirk leather goods
-Ferrell Reed ties & bowties
-Gitman Vintage
-Hand letter press & vintage reproduction cards
-Dr. Hunter's grooming products
-Ike Behar ties & bowties
-Lucky Tiger grooming products
-Marianella soaps
-Paine's Balsam Incense
-Paste tees
-Patch NYC candles
-Phantasmagoria belts
-Service tees
-Slow Loris tees
-Swedish Dream soaps
-Wm. J. Mills & Co.


New to stock for Spring, Gitman Vintage short sleeve button ups in an array of patterns. In addition, a new brand to Service, soft footbed Birkenstock's now available in three colors. 

Gitman Vintage Japanese Call Girl Print Short Sleeve Woven ($215).

Gitman Vintage Bamboo Orchid Short Sleeve Woven ($175).

Birkenstock's Soft Footbed Arizona Leather Sandal, Habana ($130).

Birkenstock's Soft Footbed Arizona Leather Sandal, Iron ($130).

Birkenstock's Soft Footbed Arizona Leather Sandal, Tobacco Brown ($130).


Back in stock just in time for the Holidays, Lucky Tiger Premium grooming products are currently available at Service. Made in the USA since 1935, Lucky Tiger uses 100% natural ingredients. Not to mention, the packaging is great looking, something pleasing to see sitting on the bathroom shelf. 3.4 oz. face moisturizer ($28), 5 oz. face scrub ($20), 8 oz. face wash ($20), and liquid cream shave ($19) in stock now.

In addition, Lucky Tiger is offering a gift set with in a keepsake tin box for $75. Included in the set are the basic essentials: 8 oz. face wash, 8 oz. after shave tonic, 5 oz. liquid cream shave, and 3.5 oz. face moisturizer.

Also in stock are the outstanding products from Dr. Hunter's grooming, original remedies since 1752 (!). The Original Body Cleanser boasts a "natural unfragranced formula with rich lather and exceptional cleaning properties." Can't go wrong there. Our very own Christian swears by the hair wash, made from glycerine and rosemary extract for a natural, light scent and good lather. 8 oz. body cleanser ($18) and 8 oz. hair wash ($16) come with original label artwork from the Dr. Hunter's archives.

Stop by and see us if you're still hunting for the perfect gift for that special someone. We're open late most nights this week.


Paine's Balsam Fir Insense is currently available at Service for the Holiday's. This family owned company has been making their woodsy smelling products since the early 1930's. All products are 100% US made in Aubern, Maine.

"Fir branches are brought to us by local woodsmen. The boughs are ground and dried. Then it is pressed into incense molds. No chemicals are added to our incense. It is 100 percent natural, and sustainable!"

The small green package shown comes with 24 incense sticks for $7.

Paine's most iconic product is its log cabin incense burner. Yes, you guessed it: the incense smoke wafts right up through the cabin's little chimney. Service is selling this item along with a package of 82 balsam fir incense sticks pre-gift wrapped for $24. Come get 'em before they're gone.

We also have stocked additional incense holders. Wrought iron owls, bears, and pine cones ranging from $12-$18. Paine's Balsam Fir Incense sticks fit with these holders as well.

We think these items make great inexpensive and nostalgic gifts anyone would be pleased to receive. And great for all year round too.

Available at Service Menswear.


Back in stock for our 4th season running, Faribault Woolen Mill blankets and scarves, currently at Service. Take a leaf out of our book and bring one of these high quality blankets the next time you plan to sit out by your back yard fire pit. Light weight, durable, and warm, we're stocked up with an assortment of great looking neutral stripes. 

Blankets and scarves, available at Service Menswear. The real good stuff.

MADE IN 'MERICA! July 03 2013

For America's upcoming birthday, consider purchasing products that are made in the USA.

Service currently stocks U.S. made goods from the following brands:
Alexander Olch, Altru, AMBSN, American Apparel, American Optical Sunglasses, BillyKirk, Gitman Vintage, Headline Tees, Hozell, Lucky Tiger, Phantasmagoria Belts, Societe De Senteur Colognes.
Along with made in the USA goods, we are stocking lots of July 4th ready apparel, so stop in before you hit the pool, BBQ, or fireworks!
Above, USA! Boxerbriefs - Toddland

Shred Head Tank - Altru, made in USA
Flag Swim Trunks - AMBSN, made in USA

Flags Tank - Toddland, Swim Trunks - Sundek, Flip Flops - Havaianas

Beach Babes Tee - Comune, made in usa, Shaka Print Shorts - Altru, made in USA

Stripe Tank - SLVDR, Colorblock Dots Swim Trunk - AMBSN, made in USA


Long Sleeve Medallion Print Shirt - Gitman Vintage, made in usa, Knit Cotton Belt - Alexander Olch, made in USA, Roller Bar Belt, tan/brass - BillyKirk, made in USA

Stripe Bowties - Ike Behar and Ferrell Reed, made in USA, Multicolor Stripe Socks - Etiquette Clothiers


Next up in our Father's Day gift idea line up are Phantasmagoria Belts: We think these belts in particular would make a really special gift for dad because they are entirely handmade in a small studio in Denver, Colorado.  Phantasmagoria belts are made from European cowhides using the shoulder of the cow. Most of the hides arrive in Denver with a natural leather color and are then hand stained. The leather is then hand cut, and the edges are beveled by hand. Next, they are inked with an acrylic edge sealer to give a pop of contrast. The buckles are sewn on with a rainbow colored nylon thread. The majority of the hardware comes from several small factories in Tuscany, outside of Florence. They are finished to the specifications of the maker and owner of Phantasmagoria belts; Lawry Covell.


He says of his work, "My goal is to make great casual belts that are minimalistic in design, and uncompromised in quality. These belts will last a long time and conform to your waist, making them very comfortable to wear. Many of my customers tell me they are the most comfortable belt they own."


Four beautiful styles now available at Service. 


Just in time for Valentine's Day, Service is stocking seven hand crafted scents (eau de toilette) from West Third's Societe de Senteur fragrance line. All scents come in 2oz bottles. We love this brand for it's understated, handcrafted, high quality, products which are proudly made in the USA!

Love First: Fresh flowers, patchouli, musk

Ode to You: orange peel, galbanum, angelica, iris, cedarwood, vetiver, patchouli, amber, incense, musk 7

Heartbreaks: citrus notes, muddled magnolia and peony, sweet apple, pear, chocolate, hazelnuts, amber

Spruce: juniper, water lilies, grapefruit, petitgrain tonic, sandalwood, sage

Ropes and Sails: grapefruit, calamanzi, muguet, jasmine, sage, juniper, rosewood, sandalwood, petitgrain

Tall Tales: amber, violet, clary sage, coriander, suede, tobacco, coffee, coco, vanilla

Road Trip: white musk, patchouli, star anise, iris, osmanthus, sandalwood, vetiver, cedar


Scarves, blankets and throws from our newest vendor Faribault Woolen Mill Company, are currently in stock at Service. Set on the Cannon River in Minnesota, the Faribault mill has been producing luxurious, American made wool goods since 1865. Faribault still employs the same techniques and machinery that have made them a leader in wool goods for 147 years.


TIES, TIES, TIES! October 30 2012

We're pretty stoked about the tie and bow tie selection that we are offering this season. Over 100 selections in wool, velvet, knit, and silk variations from cool tonal solids to bright pops of color.  Currently in stock, ties and bowties by:  Ted Baker, Culturata, Gant Rugger, Hartford, Gitman Vintage, Alexander Olch, and John Varvatos.

NEW GITMAN VINTAGE September 19 2012

New Gitman Vintage long sleeve button downs have arrived.

HOZELL August 09 2012

Hozell, proclaimed to be "the world's first leisure brand", has set out to make perfect fitting t-shirts. Made in the USA, and reflecting the relaxed surf and skate apparel that the brand's owners were raised on, Hozell strongly believes in locally made clothes, produced with ethically and socially responsible practices, that are sold at a fair price.

WM. J. MILLS BAGS July 14 2012

Wm. J. Mills & Co., known first as sailmakers, have been crafting superior products for five generations since the late 1800's. With the advent of the steam boat, the company began using the same high quality materials they used for their sails, to make bags. 

Service is currently offering these US made bags in 3 shapes (the parachute bag, briefcase II, and typewriter bag), and 2 colorways (royal with navy accents, and olive green with black accents).  All the bags have antique brass hardware.

MADE IN THE USA July 03 2012

A great way to be patriotic this independence day is to shop local and consider purchasing products that are made in the USA. At Service, we proudly offer many high quality, U.S. made goods. 

Brands made in the USA offered at Service:

  • Alexander Olch
  • Altru
  • American Apparel
  • American Optics
  • Bandanas
  • BillyKirk
  • Gitman Vintage
  • Hozell
  • Paste
  • Reyn Spooner
  • Wm. J. Mills

Matthew in AMBSN swim trunks, made in the USA.

Made in USA product from Altru, Paste, BillyKirk and AMBSN


Service has a new sandwich board on the avenue and we are excited about it! It features many of our brands and is beautifully hand painted. We'd like to thank Gary Martin of Martin Signs for his great work and tell you a little about this unique local business, Martin Signs.

Gary Martin has been creating great looking hand painted signs in Austin for over 25 years. Gary has neon, goldleaf, cutouts, and tattoo shop signs all over the city (He said his favorite signs are tattoo cutouts and it's easy to see why, they are real works of art!)

Here's Gary with the Service sign and a few more of his iconic signs around town:


Each season, Gitman Vintage base their designs on line-books from the late 1970's focusing on patterns and fabrics from a specific year and include details from original collections including double track stitching and the original branded label.

Gitman keeps their designs relevant with updated, modern, and slimmer cuts for today's customer. Every piece is made in the USA, and goes through up to 50 steps to manufacture. A process that takes about 80 minutes from beginning to end!

Service is offering short sleeve Gitman Vintage oxfords in subtle polka dots in grey or white and a classic vertical broken stripe pattern. 

Gitman Vintage is all about attention to detail with their expert craftsmanship and subtle patterns.

AMBSN March 30 2012

The recent rains that we've had and the higher temperatures mean one thing: It's time to go swimming.  The green belt creeks are flowing, so grab your cut offs, or favorite trunks, and head to your preferred swimming hole.  If you're in the mood for a new swimsuit, Service has you covered.  AMBSN is the latest arrival.  The brand got its start in 2001 by brothers Dylan and Dustin Odbert, as a fundraiser to help a friend who had mounting medical bills; a result of a tragic accident.  AMBSN has cultivated a devoted following and it is made in the USA.  The swimwear features whimsical fabrics with flamingo prints, or prints of lions, tigers and bears.  There are bright color blocks, and 80's graphics and textures.  Head to the springs!

Ambsn photos taken from the ambsn Spring 2012 lookbook.

SXSW WARDROBE CHECK - SHOW / STREET March 15 2012 2 Comments

What shows do you plan to catch this evening? The Shins at Auditorium Shores or just braving the streets of Downtown Austin and finding your way into some live music? Wherever you end up, Service thinks you should look good, but most of all be comfortable while looking good. See our picks below: 

1. ALTRU T-Shirt - with the MAXELL blown away guy remember this ad from the 80's?A classic must for any music fan. Made in the USA. $25

2. SPIEWAK Jacket in Navy $128

3. NAKED & FAMOUS Belt $95

4. ONI NAKED & FAMOUS Jeans $250

5. COLE HAAN Shoes $155


PASTE USA June 30 2011

Paste’s graphic tees, designed by artist Jason Laurits, are hand-silkscreened in Brooklyn, NYC. Artwork is printed on Made-in-the-USA, 100% cotton tees that are enzyme-washed to battle shrinkage and to give a vintage-soft feel. Through a digital medium, Laurits copies, cuts, and pastes over and over again to create the bold, whimsical, sometimes insightful, sometimes irreverent collages that Paste has become known for. Laurits pulls from photographs of his own and ones found in the public domain, as well as old maps, vintage fabrics, family keepsakes, antique wallpaper, and anything else he can think of to get the perfect tee image. The t-shirts, themselves, are made in California with Laurits’s own custom-colors, and are hand-silkscreened in Brooklyn.  All graphics are designed by Laurits. Currently available at Service.


Alexander Olch / Grey-Blue Necktie.

SUMMER TIES June 14 2011 1 Comment

L-R Alexander Olch / Grey Necktie Alexander Olch / Fine Stripe Necktie / Beige Gitman Bros. / Linen Necktie / Wheat Gitman Bros. / Thin Double Stripe Necktie / Tan-White Alexander Olch / Medium Stripe Necktie / Tan-Whte

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