SUPER May 04 2012

Brothers David and Simon Beckerman founded Retrosuperfuture as a means to combine the exotic sunglasses they found at flea markets with the remarkable craftsmanship that has become associated with the words "hand-made in Italy."

Super glasses combine minimal, tastefully engineered frame shapes with high quality Zeiss lenses.  The frames range from traditional glossy blacks to exotic tortoiseshells. Service is offering several pairs that are part of Super's Spring Prints limited edition collection that feature "fantastically kitsch vintage 70's and 80's beach themed post cards" prints, as well as other images that you would least expect to see printed on the inside of your sunglasses!

For Service, we picked out glasses that excite us and expand our existing collection to include not only smart, classic choices, but styles that are fun and youthful. You will find that some are chunky, some are nostalgic, and some are straight up aggressive (ask to see the linear mirror finish!).

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