Norden Goods is run by husband and wife Erika and Pete Panciera in California. The stoneware containers are hand thrown in Encinitas, CA, and the candles are poured in their studio using U.S.A. produced soy wax, a blend of essential oils, and fragrance oils.
Not only do the candles have an impressive 80hr burn time but you'll also want to keep the ceramic containers after you are done burning the candle and repurpose them. 
In a world filled with disposable goods, Norden strives to provide products that can be passed down for generations and Service seconds this sentiment. 
Big Sur - 12oz - 80 hr burn time
Fragrance: Oakmoss, Pine, Citrus, Wood Smoke
Smells Like: Being in a mossy cedar and pine forest with a slight hint of campfire. 
Monhegan  - 12oz - 80 hr burn time
Fragrance: Sandalwood, Tobacco, Leather
Smells Like: Caramel sweet pipe tobacco mixed with saddle leather and sandalwood, slight hint of spicy cinnamon.
Ojai  - 12oz - 80 hr burn time
Fragrance: Frankincense, Cypress, Patchouli, Palo Santo
Smells Like: Dry wood paneling, earthy grass, resinous citrus, woody incense
Øresund  - 12oz - 80 hr burn time
Fragrance: Balsam Fir, Grapefruit, Ambrette Seed
Smells Like: Pine needles, bright citrus, earthy finish
Gift Set with  Ojai, Big Sur,  Øresund - 5oz each - 20hr burn time a piece
Idyllwild incense - 20 sticks - 45 min burn time
Fragrance: Cedarwood, Sage, Vetiver, Citrus
Smells Like: Dry, earthy, herbal desert sagebrush and cedar forest. 
Ojai incense -  20 sticks - 45 min burn time
Fragrance: Frankincense, Cypress, Patchouli, Palo Santo
Smells Like: Dry wood paneling, earthy grass, resinous citrus
Øresund incense -  20 sticks - 45 min burn time
Fragrance: Balsam Fir, Grapefruit, Musk
Smells Like: Crackling wood, pine needles, bright piney citrus
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HEY HEY USA! July 01 2015

Happy Independence Day. Here is our annual Made in the USA roundup to commemorate the 4th of July. Some classic favorites and new products alike from the following brands, all carried at Service. Shop Made in the USA in the store and online from:

Pictured above from R to L: 1. Owen & Fred Hey Handsome Shave Kit Navy 2. Norden Idyllwild 12 oz. Candle 3. Patch NYC Skull Candle 4. Have-A-Hank Bandanas 5. Big Mountain Brand Spruce Soap 6. Maritime Oatmeal & Shea Butter Soap 7. The Local Branch Medicine Pouch 8. American Optics Spatula Temple Sunglasses Gold/Grey Polarized 9. Owen & Fred You Earned It Bottle Opener 10. Field Notes Desk Calendar 11. Billykirk No. 288 Center Bar Belt in Black, Brown, & Natural.

1. Ambsn Baldy Image Tee White 2. Altru Popeye Punch Tee White Sand 3. The Poster List taco Tuesday Tee Heather Grey 4. Mollusk Palm Pocket Tee Light Indigo 5. Jungmaven Baja Pocket Tee Denim Blue 6. The Poster List Surf Ride Tee Heather Green 7. The Poster List Surf N' Turf Tee Heather Brown 8. Mollusk Marblehead Pocket Tee Grass Green.


1. Gitman Vintage Japanese Gauze Stripe Shirt 2. Steven Alan Classic Collegiate Stripe Shirt Green 3. Gitman Vintage Short Sleeve Polka Dot Oxford Aqua Dot 4. Mollusk Tapestry Swim Trunks Blue Green 5. Almond Surf & Craft Shorts Army 6. Mollusk Farmer Dave Drawstring Pants Indigo 7. Mollusk Kelp Swim Trunks Blue Green.


Norden Goods have arrived at Service, and we are very happy to welcome these beautiful candles to the stock list. Norden is the creation of husband and wife team Erika and Pete Panciera and their products are all hand made in Encinitas, California - from the creation of the stoneware containers to the pour of the U.S.A sourced soy wax. The scent of each candle is inspired by the smells of Erika and Pete's favorite places, from Big Sur, California to a small town off the coast of Maine.

The best part of these products other than the great scents? The reusable container becomes a keepsake object after the wax has burned away. Just wash the container out with warm water and soap and use it as a coffee cup, succulent planter, pen canister or a shaving mug - the secondary use is up to you!

Available in three scents:

  • Big Sur - Oakmoss, Pine, Citrus, Wood Smoke
  • Monhegan - Sandalwood, Tobacco, Leather
  • Idyllwild - Cedarwood, Sage, Vetiver, Citrus

Take a look at Erika's artist website and Pete's artist website here and here. All photo credits

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