Norden Goods have arrived at Service, and we are very happy to welcome these beautiful candles to the stock list. Norden is the creation of husband and wife team Erika and Pete Panciera and their products are all hand made in Encinitas, California - from the creation of the stoneware containers to the pour of the U.S.A sourced soy wax. The scent of each candle is inspired by the smells of Erika and Pete's favorite places, from Big Sur, California to a small town off the coast of Maine.

The best part of these products other than the great scents? The reusable container becomes a keepsake object after the wax has burned away. Just wash the container out with warm water and soap and use it as a coffee cup, succulent planter, pen canister or a shaving mug - the secondary use is up to you!

Available in three scents:

  • Big Sur - Oakmoss, Pine, Citrus, Wood Smoke
  • Monhegan - Sandalwood, Tobacco, Leather
  • Idyllwild - Cedarwood, Sage, Vetiver, Citrus

Take a look at Erika's artist website and Pete's artist website here and here. All photo credits