Pill Cap, navy/red

An assortment of trucker hats, tees, and swim trunks from Deus Ex Machina are here for Spring! Combining the romantic era of old school motorcycling and surfing with a bit of new age cool is the backbone of Deus (day-us) Ex Machina, which translates from Latin roughly as “God from the machine”. As always, Deus is a celebration of a culture of creativity, inspired by all the pursuits of fun. They also make bicycles, motorbikes, surfboards, movies, food, art and books. Everything the company churns out has an old-school vibe, nostalgic without seeming dated.

Dare Jennings, the founder, still doesn’t quite know how a self described radical, left-wing, university-drop-out, comic-reading, pot-smoking, surfing, rock ‘n’ roll rat-bag with a short attention span managed to turn a few ideas into a globally successful business.

“If you build it, they will come – won’t they? It’s a philosophy and the philosophy manifests itself in many different ways. That’s what attracts people to what we’re doing. If you don’t take that risk then you’ll just end up with something that’s the same. Take the risk, you have to take the risk, and back yourself.”  -Jennings


Chambray Shield Cap, black


Surf Girl Cap, burgundy


Surf Girl Cap, dark green


Wei Texture Stripe Tee, green/blue/cream


Wei Indigo Stripe Tee, white/navy


Tugu Scales Boardshort 17", black/white


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