Aviator Series: Aviator Chronograph -olive nylon strap / Aviator Chronograph -brown strap

We want to welcome Jack Mason into the Service family and suggest their beautiful Nautical and Aviation inspired watches for Father's Day, which is just around the corner!

The watches are designed and developed in Dallas and feature Super Luminova markings for easy reading during the day or night, a hard mineral crystal face, a 3 year warranty from date of purchase, Japanese Quartz movement, and each dial is hit with a subtle red, white, and blue marking on the second hand, which match the colors of the American Flag.

As an added bonus, the watches with leather straps have a quick release feature so interchangeable leather straps are a fun option.


Aviator Series - back and side view

The Aviator Series options include the Chronograph (in layman's terms, a stopwatch/timer) and the 3 Hand. The face on both is inspired by the instrument gauges of an aircraft. All the Aviators have a star on the dial representing the Lone Star state and the front of the plane etched on the back of the watch.  

Aviator Series: Aviator 3 Hand -brown strap / Aviator 3 Hand Automatic - brown strap

The Aviator 3 Hand Automatic is self winding. The mainspring is wound automatically as a result of natural motion of the wearer's arm.

Aviator Series: Aviator 3 hand -stainless steel / Aviator 3 Hand -tan strap

Nautical Series: Nautical Chronograph -brown strap / Nautical Chronograph -navy strap


Nautical Series -back and side view

The Nautical Series also includes the Chronograph and the 3 Hand. The face on both is inspired by nautical instruments. All the Nautical pieces have a start on the dial representing the Lone Start state and ship's wheel etched on the back. 

Nautical 3 Hand -navy strap


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