The June issue of GQ features one of our favorite swim lines, Sundek swimwear. If you're looking for a classic pair of trunks, we have a good color selection available in 14'' and 17'' lengths.

Started in the 1940's, Sun-Dek of California decided to introduce a new line of cotton/nylon swimwear in 1958 that was especially designed with surfing in mind, thus creating Sundek, one of the first brands dedicated to the surfing sport. In the 60's SUNDEK introduced key innovative solutions like using velcro instead of zippers, and colorful tropical prints on cotton. During these years many surfers began to be sponsored by SUNDEK, promoting the brand as well as this new sport which was destined to become a sought after life style. 1972 marked the begining of the era of the rainbow boardshorts, which thanks to their technical qualities and original easy to recognize design, became an icon for surfers.

In 2008, after a decade long absence, Sundek reentered the U.S. market. Service is proud to offer this time-honored brand that is, both, functional and fashionable.