New in store, Naked & Famous Okayama Spirit jeans.

These beautiful Japanese jeans made with a rare, slub yarn are constructed with the raw denim in its unsanforized state (reference our previous blog post here to find out more about sanforization). The denim is so unique and appealing in its raw form, it is left unwashed to preserve the aesthetic and hand feel. What does this mean for our customers? If you do intend to wash or soak these jeans, be aware they will shrink up to 1" in the waist and up to 2" in length. For those tough enough to forgo washing, buy them snug and wear the hell out of 'em to beat them up just right.

Now for the fun part! Enter today to make the cut off for Naked & Famous' Okayama Spirit fade contest. Send a photo to Naked & Famous of your Okayama Spirit denim, wear for 6 months, and resend images of the unique and beautiful fade you've achieved by wearing these bad boys. For more details and who to get in touch with, click here. If you're the type to never wash your jeans, this is definitely the contest for you. We can't wait to see the final outcome of some great denim fading.

Okayama Spirit jeans in WeirdGuy available at Service Menswear.