Service has introduced 4 new fragrances from the French perfumery Etat Libre D'Orange. Each scent comes in a handsome 50ml bottle, inspired by its own fantastical & humorous story.

Je Suis Un Homme: Napoleon would spray himself with it before going to combat; Masculinity, rugged, heroic. Citrus, leather, warm spicy.

Fat Electrician: One imagines he was raised in the big air of Texas, his soft skin scrubbed by ears of wheat, his eyelashes curled by grappling with grace against a blinding sun.  Love for sale, memories of youth, mortality. Woody, sweet, balsamic.

Tom of Finland: This fragrance feels clean, like a shaving from a cake of soap. It is an ode to the beauty of the male body and to the radiance of the natural self. This is a man who wants to play, to love, to die and be reborn, again and again. Tom of Finland is a tribute to tomorrow’s glorious possibilities. Nature in the nude, mildly pornographic, enticing. Aromatic, woody, leather.

Jasmin et Cigarette: Transparency in sophistication, just a trace of jasmine mingled to the so far neglected smell of a cigarette. “Jasmin et Cigarette” is the twilight zone, the banned, the addiction. She is an icon, the longed-for woman. Femme fatale, smoke & mirrors, twilight seduction. White floral, tobacco, sweet.

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