It is no secret Service has a fondness for surf and skate inspired brands. We began selling RVCA when the brand launched in 2001. We were attracted to the collection because it was simple, affordable and durable. Today, almost fifteen years later, each collection maintains those same design sensibilities season after season. Now a much larger enterprise, RVCA remains a great value and a celebration of its casual surf/skate roots.

We sold the original Recession Collection at our Campus store because it was super affordable and cool. It was designed with a Dickies vibe and introduced poly cotton durable blends to skaters, couriers, baristas and students. The Recession Collection pant and short were the original inspiration for what is now the Weekend Chino, a mainstay in RVCA’s broader offering. Then the shorts were basically short versions of Dickies pants. Shirts were poly cotton versions of a two pocket work shirt like guys wore at gas stations and auto garages mostly sold by Dickies at the time. RVCA was the perfect compliment to our Vans offering. They are still great together.

We brought RVCA and Vans with us to South Congress when we moved in early 2002.

Never missed a season. The RVCA founders drank beer at the shows and threw crunched cans on the ground. No reps at the beginning. They showed at ASR (Action Sports Retailer), a skate and surf show with pros and demos that no longer exists but helped build what is now Agenda.

The Artist's Network Program was very exciting to me and early customers because it supported artists and gave them an opportunity they wouldn't otherwise have. That's how I started as well, designing images for tees for my wholesale brand Service long before I had a retail store. Thankfully, RVCA continues to support outsider art through ANP.

Back then RVCA seemed real, raw and relevant, not unlike Altru, Mollusk or Almond, now. We still love the RVCA team’s smart designs.

Today, RVCA maintains an important place in our assortment. Have a look at our new arrivals including shorts, tees, tanks, swim trunks, and shirts.

In addition, we will always offer RVCA short sleeve and long sleeve oxford shirts in core and seasonal colors, as well as the Weekend Chino, all available in the store and online.

This Fall, we will re-introduce Dickies at Service with the Dickies Construct Collection. Work wear inspired pants and jackets with a modern fit. The Recession Collection is also back as a special collection within the RVCA brand. The clothing will feature the original label on staple basics like cotton tees, sweatshirts and chinos.