INTRODUCING TCG November 05 2015

Since 2009, TCG has been making small-batch, hand made shoes. You may know them as Thorocraft, their name before a 2015 rebranding shortened it to the three letter name they have today. TCG stands for Thoroughly Crafted Goods.

Using the highest quality leathers, TCG uses old world hand-crafting methods to create a shoe that’s comfortable and long-lasting. While the idea of a minimal, monochromatic shoe is nothing new, TCG has taken what has been done before and perfected it with fully cushioned footbeds, supple pigskin linings, and Vachetta leather uppers and heel caps.

During the short production runs, every shoe is rigorously inspected in order to receive the TCG seal of approval and mark of quality; a copper rivet hammered into the heel.