"Marseille" pocket tee

Obey is a streetwear company started by street artist and illustrator Shepard Fairey, who emerged from the skateboarding scene. He first became known for his "Andre the Giant Has a Posse" sticker campaign while attending RISD in the early 90's.

"Group" pocket tee 

"At first I was only thinking about the response from my clique of art school and skateboard friends. The fact that a larger segment of the public would not only notice, but investigate, the unexplained appearance of the stickers was something I had not contemplated. When I started to see reactions and consider the sociological forces at work surrounding the use of public space and the insertion of a very eye-catching but ambiguous image, I began to think there was the potential to create a phenomenon."

"Alliance" pocket tee

In 1994 Fairey started a tee shirt and sticker company as a way to afford the ability to continue pursuing his art and in 2001 the Obey clothing company was officially born. The brand is well known for incorporating politically and socially provocative propaganda into the designs of their often graphic based clothing.


"Wythe" tank top 

Shepard Fairey has always been open about controversial social and political topics and often donates and creates artwork in order to promote awareness for a range of social issues and contributes directly to these causes. He is also very passionate about Fair Trade practices and a growing portion of the clothing that Obey produces is Fair Trade certified including many of the striped knits.

 "Eighty Nine" striped tee

Fairey became more widely known during the 2008 presidential election for his Barack Obama "Hope" image. Today he is considered one of the best known street artists and his art is in museum and private collections nationwide. Learn more about his art and activism here.

"Country Stripe" pocket tee

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