HOLIDAY GIFT IDEA No. 4: BARBOUR December 19 2016

In 1894 Barbour was founded in the port of South Shields, England, by John Barbour, who saw a need for waterproof, reliable, outerwear among working communities. 

Barbour is still run by the Barbour family and the Bedale jacket is still made in England to this day. Despite traditional connotations with rural life, Barbour jackets have increased in popularity as an urban fashion item as they make for perfect all-weather pieces.  

Some customers keep Barbour waxed jackets for years, sometimes decades. Among such people, the wear-and-tear on the garment can be addressed by Barbour’s repair service, which will patch, reinforce, and re-wax jackets.

Barbour is traditional, timeless, and tough. Their iconic looks have endured generations.

Waxed Ashby Jacket - navy

Waxed Ashby Hood - navy

Waxed Ashby Jacket - olive

Bedale Waxed Jacket - rustic 

Penston Wool Double Breasted Jacket - navy

Lowerdale Quilted Vest - navy

Lowerdale Quilted Vest - olive


Polarquilt Waistcoat Zip-In Liner - olive 


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