Jean Vuarnet was a seven-time French ski champion by 1958.

A meeting with French optician, Roger Pouilloux, marked the start of the business adventure leading to the creation of VUARNET. During that meeting, Mr. Pouilloux offered the French ski champion a pair of his sunglasses as a token of his admiration.

The sunglasses, equipped with exclusive and patented Skilynx mineral glass lenses, enabled Jean Vuarnet to further improve his performance. The sunglasses would highlight contrasts and enhance depth perception in the fast downhill skiing along the slopes of Squaw Valley several months later during the 1960 Winter Olympics in which he won the gold medal.

Following this victory, the two men forged a friendship and decided to join forces in creating a brand that embedded their vision of constant innovation, high-performance, and French elegance. VUARNET was born. 

What makes VUARNET lenses the best on the market?

- The mirror double gradient-tinted coating, guarantees maximum protection against glare and reflections.

- VUARNET lenses are the only ones in the world designed to absorb up to 94% of infrared light, thus protecting your eyes from irritating dryness and heat.     

- An anti-reflection treatment on the internal face eliminates all unwanted reflections.

- Mass tinted, are naturally scratch resistant even against the most aggressive circumstances, like keys in your bag.

- Shock resistant measurement by ball-test; a ball weighing 16 grams is dropped from a height of 1.27 m onto the lens to test its shock a result of a safety treatment by chemical tempering.

- No chromatic distortion and a vision in high definition. Guaranteed.

- Provide exceptional clarity, producing sharper vision in comparison to plastic materials.

VUARNET ensures and guarantees the best: Protection, Clarity, and Durability.

Edge Pilot Taupe/Matte Gunmetal - grey lenses


Large Rectangle District Grey - grey lenses 

Large Rectangle District Honey Stripes - pure brown lenses

Medium Rectangle District Matte Black - grey lenses

Medium Rectangle District Tortoise - grey lenses

Medium Round District Amber - pure brown lenses

Medium Round District Honey - green flash lenses

Square District Shiny Black - grey lenses

Square District Matte Black/Clear - grey lenses

Rectangle Swing Matte Black - grey polar lenses


Rectangle Swing Brushed Silver/Pure Grey - blue flash lenses

Rectangle Swing Gunmetal - grey lenses

Pilot Swing Legend Blue Grey - silver flash lenses


Pillow Swing Silver - grey polar lenses



Round Swing Brushed Silver - blue polar lenses



Round Swing Matte Black - grey lenses


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