We are excited to welcome Afield to the Service family!

Afield was founded by brothers, Mark & Chris Scholes, and is based in Brighton, England. Together they have over 10 years experience in menswear design, production, and retail.

Travel and visual art rank high on the list of their influences for Afield. They combine contemporary cuts with colors and designs borrowed from sights, textures, and experiences gathered from globetrotting and although subtle, there are nods in this particular collection to artists like David Hockey as well as aerial photographer, Gray Malin.

In terms of fabrics, a variety of cotton & linen poplins, jacquards, dobbys, twills, and chambrays are used. For the knitwear, they used a variety of cotton yarns and different knitting techniques to give the garments interesting texture, look and feel.

Lastly, we love that Afield takes a conscious approach to sourcing from reliable and ethically sound suppliers. They work with a variety of factories in both Europe and Sri Lanka, where they pay regular visits to ensure that the expectations of high quality and ethics are met. 

Sunglasses Print shirt


Sunglasses Print shirt - detail

Sunglasses Print tee

Sunglasses Print tee - detail


Beach Ball Print shirt

Beach Ball Print - detail

Beach Ball Print swim trunks

Bikini Beach Babes Print shirt


Bikini Beach Babes Print shirt - detail

Contigo shirt

Libertine Floral Print shirt

Libertine Floral Print shirt - detail

Swimmers Print shirt


Swimmers Print shirt - detail

Swimmers Print - swim trunks

Swimmers Print tee

Swimmers Print tee - detail

Grecian Waves Print tee


Grecian Waves Print tee - detail

Grecian Print tee - navy


Pool Camo Print swim trunks


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